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The Far Country (Critic's Pick)

Fan Zhang’s rumbling sound design suggests layers below the surface.


Behind the Sheet  (Critic's Pick)

Fan Zhang (sound) — matches the eloquent understatement of Ms. Simpson’s script. The production is punctuated by haunting silhouettes of women reaching out in pain and a sequence that presents them as anatomical specimens, gathered to be observed and analyzed.

A Kid Like Rishi (Critic's Pick)

The smart sound design is by Fan Zhang, who also composed the production’s tension-filled underscore.

At the Wedding(Critic's Pick)

The eclectic playlist (sound by Fan Zhang) is exactly the kind you’d want to dance to

Scissoring(Critic's Pick)

Thus the psychic turmoil and resultant visions, a few of which — including the retired Pope Benedict XVI — are embodied by the excellent Ryan Vincent Anderson (impressively abetted by Heather McDevitt Barton’s costumes and Fan Zhang’s sound design).

The Trail of Catonsville Nine




Snow in Midsummer



Suicide Forest

Our Dear Dead Drug Lord


Spindle Needle Shuttle

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 The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington​

Fan Zhang's sound design and original music is ideal

​The Far Country

Fan Zhang's sound design and music in particular infuses the scene with an appropriately tentative, disquieting feel.. appropriate in bringing to life a world in which people are forced to adopt a transactional mindset in order to achieve a larger goal

At the Wedding

Fan Zhang's sound simulate an evening in which large segments are lost in a haze of blackout inebriation

The Trail of the Catonsville Nine

Sound designer Fan Zhang gives us a couple of minutes to contemplate that question. After a particularly dramatic confrontation between the prosecutor and defendant George Mische, Huynh places a record …..The moment comes as blessed relief.


Molly Sweeney

‘It's hard to leave Molly Sweeney without wondering how much would be gained by seeing the play again with eyes closed

​Sanctuary City

 sound designer Fan Zhang’s bass-heavy scene transitions and nimble performances

Molly Sweeney

 Fan Zhang’s sound design in on target."


 A simple evocative design suggests the locale, natural sounds of the region (sound by Fan Zhang), times of day ,and distinctive personalities and status of the characters, while allowing Friel’s words, in the great tradition of Irish storytelling.

Molly Sweeney

Fan Zhang’s sound design play key roles in helping involve the audience in the tale.


The Trail of Catonsville Nine

Thanks to riveting sound design by Fan Zhang, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine is much more than a nostalgic look back


Other design elements are just as delightfully jarring: lighting designer Oona Curley snaps lights on and off, contrasting with the low-level melancholy of Fan Zhang’s Christmas song-tinged sound design


Fan Zhang uses the sound design to bring us back to the war. The helicopters overhead, the music is somewhere between Apocalypse Now and Platoon. Both set the mood for this play that is very deep and dark.

The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington

Fan Zhang's sound design and original music have an otherworldly quality



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